Verona Gillespie

Los Angeles Wordpress & UI Developer
PSD to Wordpress, HTML, CSS.

Design Fussiness

A common theme I see with many first-time website owners is the desire to be fussy. They are excited about their new business and that enthusiasm bleeds into their ego. They accidentally lose site of the user and instead focus on themselves.

It’s a fine balance, finding the life of the business a projecting it to your customers through the screen, while remaining subjective.  It’s hard to remember that not everyone has been to your site before, or knows who you are, or even arrives at your site through the homepage! It’s easy to fall in love with a great logo and want to just plaster it everywhere, making your entire homepage just a giant logo (don’t do that).  It’s easy to ramble on and on about your passion for your business but let’s be honest, when was the last time you read a stranger’s ramble about their business?

It’s a hard task but try and distill your website’s purpose down to only a few things. Are you selling something? Are you looking for volunteers? Do you hope for someone to hire you? Figure out what it is you need people to do once they get there an make sure everything you put on the site caters to that need, funnels them to that end, and keep it simple.

Your site is not a game that should be figured out. It can be beautiful but it shouldn’t be fussy for the sake of fussy.