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My name is Verona. I rock at multi-tasking, I think JQuery is neat, I'm super nice and I find positive code validation results to be very satisfying. I've worked on projects for Eurostar, Sir Paul McCartney, Americal Idol and HMV. I excel at writing compliant code, meeting (and beating) deadlines,updating older sites and integrating existing brands into new technologies. Wordpress is my b*tch. Check out my portfolio and contact me with any questions or to hire me.


Getting Codebloo to do my website has turned my hobby into an actual business. Verona was awesome, she understood what I meant when I described colours with emotions and when I insisted on referring to my site as needing to be "breezy". The site is exactly what I wanted and everyone complements me on the design, I couldn't be happier.” - Emma Smith,



I am currently freelancing as a Front End Developer in the Los Angeles area. I am only accepting OFF SITE contracts.


I would love to work with you to find solutions to the problems that plague your business. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you! I'll make it a priority to get back to you within 24 hours.

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I make user friendly websites and design effective logos.

Portfolio Item 1
Portfolio Item 1

Copper Cupcake

Full design and custom Wordpress development project. Copper Cupcake asked me to redesign their website, create an online store, as well as a separate menu section for their offline sales info. I guided the client through the whole process, from planning to deployment. Wordpress as a CMS using Cart66 for e-commerce integration and PODS CMS for almost everything else.

I began with the UX architectureand then created the front end design and integreated it into Wordpress for the most comprehensive user experience along with expandable functionality.

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SHMAZING! Catering.

Logo design project. Client required a stunning but simple logo to attract new customers for start up business.

I created the design with input from the client collaborating on the message they wanted to convey to private and business contracts.

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Portfolio Item 3
Portfolio Item 1

Wordpress as a CMS design and development project. CICLE required extensive functionality with the ability to manage their own content at a granualar level - without a development team, and after a major overhaul of how their information was organized. Custom design, custom Wordpress development and functionality.

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Portfolio Item 4
Portfolio Item 1

Website design and Wordpress development project. Client requested a very easy CMS and front end design for a very specific demographic. I delivered a full scope solution, including a custom user manual and custom PHP solutions.

I created the front end design, user experience & applied the design to the Wordpress CMS.

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Portfolio Item 4
Portfolio Item 1


Branding project. Client required a logo to update his jewellery business.

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I'm pretty super. I'm interested in user experience, typography, wordpress development, information architecture, stage combat, narration, motion capture, Shakespeare, open source development and chihuahuas.

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